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Landlord / Tenant Disputes

The process of eviction in Georgia requires strict adherence to state statutes (and sometimes county or city ordinances) in order for a landlord to legally compel a tenant to vacate a rented or leased property.   Almost all evictions require the involvement of the Court. 

Whether you are a landlord needing to evict a problem tenant, or you are a tenant who believes your landlord is not following proper procedure, David M. Lawler can help.  He has ample experience on both sides of this issue.  In most cases, he has been able to help achieve mutually agreeable resolutions that kept the parties from having to go all the way through to trial. 

In the event that settlement is impossible, we are prepared to take your case to court and aggressively fight for your rights.

Contact the Law Offices of David M. Lawler, Inc. to schedule an appointment and discuss the facts and circumstances concerning your Landlord/Tenant issues.

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My tenants hadn’t paid me in months.  David got them evicted and got me a judgment for all payments due, plus attorney’s fees… and he did it very quickly.

Mike B., Lawrenceville, GA

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